Discuss how different types of media portray women today.

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Today women in the media are mainly portrayed as sex objects, slaves, or incompetent people who should let men decide their fate but luckily there are other sources of media that portray women the way that they really are. Media is a strange thing it has a way of manipulating you to think a certain way about what they are advertising. Different types of media can range from advertisements, feature articles, songs, poetry, films, and ever books.

An advertisement that I saw was about supporting legal abortion, birth control and Women’s rights. The image was of a woman, her face split in half, with one side in black and white and the other side looked like an x- ray version of her face. It symbolizes that women are manipulated and turned inside out to do what they want for themselves. The title ‘Your body is a battleground’ also symbolizes that no matter what we think or say we are always going to be at war with what others think is best for us.

The song ‘Put another Log on the Fire’ by Tompall Glaser is another from of discriminative media. It portrays women as the slave, and men as the master. In the song the husband it telling his wife to fetch things for him, like as if she were an animal, and then he doesn’t understand why she would ever want to leave her good, sweet, loving husband. This shows that some men can be chauvinistic pigs.

The poem ‘The Lady of Shalott’ is about a lonely women who doesn’t have very much control of her life. She sits up in her isolated tower weaving and singing quietly to herself while life below passes her by. She looks at life though second hand images, through a mirror...