Discuss the distinctive uses of English in workplace situations.

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English has been deemed as an important tool in a workplace situation beacuase of its facilitative function, where by the focus is on the goal to be achieved and on how the use of a particular set of language conventions influences an outcome. Since language is a very adaptable medium, it can change to reflect the needs of a particular context or situation. For a communicative conversation to be successful, a shared cultural knowledge and understanding is required from speakers and listeners. This common background enables them to relate to what is being said in a way that may not be intelligible to other people, while very frequently the distinctive features of the language may not be apparent to participants any longer, since they have become part of a subconscious expressive process.

In many workplace setting, English Language is the main vehicle for communicating. It is used in two kinds of interaction in workplace.

It can be used between a member of the profession and a member of the public or among members of the same or a closely related profession. In this essay, I will discuss the the handling of communicative problems,issues of power and control and the strategies used by professionals when dealing with the public through the analysis of the two conversational exchanges from the question above. Then I will discuss the choice of language, the use of jargon and different features in the use of English among co-workers. Finally, I will conclude by summing up the points.

Analysis of the conversation exchange

Both conversational exchanges are between professional and client. However, each has its own purpose. Since the purposes are different, so are the linguistic features in the two conversations.

In the first conversational exchange between the Bangladeshi worker (client) and the interviewer ( professional), the...