Discuss the effect of broadband technology on the design and development of multimedia applications.

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Broadband, "an easy-to-install, always on internet connection giving a high speed access, of up to 40 times faster than a standard telephone line" (bt.com/broadband), is a fast emerging fibre optic technology with "at least 40,000 households and companies a week installing this connection" (Metro Newspaper) promising to change the way we all perceive and "surf" the World Wide Web. It is a high speed data transmission medium revolution that will soon add a whole host of unlimited on-line services such as real time digital video streaming, IP telephony, music, complex large images, file sharing and many more, are all but the few examples of what will be enabled due to this high bandwidth connection. Delivering millions of bits of data to your computer every second, a broadband connection reduces the time spent waiting for pages and content-rich media to download, enabling you to spend more time experiencing the Internet, listening to music, faster on-line gaming, or even file-sharing.

Because a broadband connection is "always on," you can instantly access the Internet and speedily receive/send e-mail, or even video e-mail. In addition, a broadband connection lets you surf the Internet at the same time you or another member of your family is using the telephone. (bt.com)

Currently, broadband technology can be delivered through a normal phone line, cable, and wireless or even via satellite. Each method of delivery has its uses for different purposes depending on the location of its intended recipient, landscape layout, the distance between phone exchanges, etc. The most common of these is by far through the phone line, as this is more cost effective for the user, due to the abundance of phone lines to each and almost every household in the modernised world.

Broadband delivered over ordinary phone lines is called an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber...