Discuss the goal of creating the volkgemeinschaft in the organisation of German society between 1933-45.

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Today I will be discussing with you, the idea of Volksgemeinschaft or national socialism, and the politics behind this Nazi belief.

Volksgemeinschaft was an attempt by the German Nazi party to establish a national community of unified mind, will and spirit. It was the desire to establish a total state where the interests of the individual were strictly subordinate. As Hitler said in a speech made in October 1933, "National socialism, desires to safeguard the volk, if necessary even at the expense of the individual. It is essential that the individual should slowly come to realise that his own ego is unimportant when compared with the existence of the whole people".

Volksgemeinschaft as a National Community identified the denial of all differences in origin, conditions, occupation, fortune, education, knowledge and capital. It sought out to make everyone feel equal and as a German whole.

Hitler knew this movement could only be achieved by gaining control of all aspects of cultural and social life.

Theatre, literature, the press and children's activities were all controlled by Nazis. The promise of the equality in a community became the effective means of National Socialist choice propaganda.

In order to control information and propaganda, institutional controls were placed on the entertainment and communications industries. The Nazi Propagandists constantly set up and invented new ideas and events, in order to produce the alleged class and condition less community. An example of it was the so-called "potting Sunday". This is where everyone was to eat a pot of food to show that everyone is equal and that everyone from rich to poor could eat the same.

Children were also educated with knowledge of the Science of the Races and continual encouragement of a total state.

Those involved with this Nazi movement were only those of pure Arian...