Discuss Identity in Nella Larsen's "Quicksand" and "Passing", and Hurston's "Their Eyes were watching god"

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A good friend once said that "life is full of twists." Life has ways of building and breaking a person. Each individual in this world learns and approaches life differently. One person may learn from the mistakes of others, while another person may learn from personal experiences. When life becomes difficult and feels unbearable, these challenges serve a purpose. Tribulations can be used to bring life to a person's character or construct their identity. In Zora Neale Huston's, "Their Eyes Were Watching God", and Nella Larsen's "Passing", the role of inner-fulfillment becomes the focus for the characters. As some of the characters face problems in their oppressed society, the understanding of accepting self and others, becomes important parts of finding true identity.

In "Their Eyes were Watching God', Janie's path towards finding her identity begins with as a young girl having no knowledge of her own race to becoming a woman with the strength of sharks, recognizing her true self.

Only that strength, allows her to return to her hometown to drown out all criticism and revel in her miseries. From the novel, the character's pattern proves that achieving fulfillment may require a person to ignore society's crude classifications and focus on their personal desires; while firmly avoiding selfishness. Janie, moving from different abusive relationships to a relationship that allows her to express her thoughts and dreams, is evidence of this idea.

From the opening of the novel, Janie returns to her hometown wealthy and self-confident. The town people immediately begin to gossip about her affair with Tea Cake. They are very curious about Janie because she returned to the town with poor clothes. One of the people says "She act like we done done something to her. She do one been doin' wrong" (Hurston 3). From her journey, she...