Discuss the impact of societal change on family structures, functions and resources.

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The impact of societal change on family structures, functions and resources

has become evident through, the acceptance of, same sex marriages/couples,

sole parent, extended, foster, nuclear and defacto families, physical,

economic, emotional, social, cultural, moral, spiritual, religious and adaptive


Statistics from around the world are showing the changing views and

perspectives on various roles in the family.

It wasn't long ago in Australia, that births outside of marriage were

considered to be unacceptable. In those days the young woman was sent off

to the country to have her child and give it up for adoption, as to not damage

her family's reputation. Nowadays many women are having children out of

marriage. Whether it is through the convenience of not being married or an

unplanned pregnancy it has become frequently more common and accepted

throughout Australia. This also brings in to the equation the growing number

of mother's in the workplace.

Previously after a woman had a child she did

not return to work, but as the number of single mothers in the community

has become more acceptable so has the view that women can return to the

workforce after they have a child. Through the assistance of government

pensions, workplace run childcare and daycare centres, single mothers have

the option of full government support or returning to work, with some

assistance from the government. Apart from single mothers, there is the

issue of single father's. This could occur through the death of the mother or

the mother being unsuitable to her role. Support and acceptance are now

widely offered to either single parent.

Australians are also showing a trend to marrying later and having fewer

children, often preferring to focus on their careers rather then settling down.

Previously men and women were expected to have a...