Discuss the life of Eugene O' Neil and how he has impacted American History.

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Eugene O' Neill was born in New York City on October 16, 1888 to an Irish-Catholic theatrical family. (Beyond Mourning) He would later become one of the greatest playwrights in American history. Through his work, he addressed the difficulties of American society with great complexity.

Eugene was the son of Ella Quilan O'Neill (usually called Ella) and James O' Neill, the Broadway actor famous for his role in the Count of Monte Crisco. Until he began school at age 7, Eugene spent his life touring with his father's theater company. During this time, Eugene was exposed to the theater world. It was a world he would never escape. (American Masters)

Due to this lifestyle of constantly moving around, and his mother's morphine addiction, Eugene had no problem going to boarding school at Catholic school. His mother addiction left permanent scars on Eugene's life. He also found out that his birth had caused his mothers addiction (Pegasus) He spent seven years receive a Catholic school education before his mother attempted to commit suicide.

This even caused him to denounce Catholic religion, and move to another private school in Connecticut. During this time his family moved to New London Connecticut. (Pegasus) He finished his education there and moved on to Princeton University. (Spartacus) Unfortunately, Eugene had been exposed to the glamorous lifestyle of alcohol and prostitutes, and before his first year at Princeton had finished, he had dropped out. (Pegasus)

Eugene spent a good amount of time in New York bars before meeting the first love of his life, Kathleen Jenkins. Jenkins was the daughter of a wealthy New York businessman. Her parents objected to the two of them getting married, and so did his. So, being typical wild teens, they eloped in 1909. They divorced two years later in 1911. During...