Discuss a major purchase and how to financially plan for it. i wrote about buying a laptop.

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With college search approaching and graduation from high school, I have considered one major purchase. A laptop computer would benefit me in future years and will not put me behind on my budget if I manage this purchase responsibly. My search began when I noticed a sale through business flyers in the mail. Many stores have different sales weekly that include different types of warranties. My pursuit for a computer would have to be well-planned and well research. With proper planning this purchase will not put a burden on my future spending.

Tons of business flyers come in the mail everyday. I began saving flyers that featured the laptop or the computer that best suited my interest. I then eliminated stores that did not beat competitor's prices. After narrowing it down to three stores I searched each individual website. I noticed that one store charged an additional fee for a three-year warranty and the others included it in the sale price.

I eradicated the store with the fee and was left with the remaining two. After close research of the two stores, I noticed one advertised that they matched competitor's prices. However, the other offered one-year free technical support. After contemplating both stores and careful discussion with my parents we decided to purchase my laptop from the store with the free one-year technical support.

After taxes and service charge, the laptop put a 1049.99 hole in my bank account. After careful research I believe I got the best deal for that amount of money. With a loan that I took out with my parents I will be able to reimburse them by late December. My current employment averaging approximately 400 dollars a month will leave me to accomplish my goal if this trend continues. The reason for my...