Discuss The Role of Alternative Medicine Today.

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Discuss the role of alternative medicine today.

It is astounding that all the world over, from the 'most civilized' peo​ple to the 'most primitive' societies, there have been - and still are - systems of healing illnesses. Yet for some reason or other, many of them have abandoned all their healing systems and embraced what is known as the 'modern' system of healing. After seeing that scientific medicines 7. could cure some of the illnesses better than traditional ones, it seems that whole peoples have thrown out their systems. Naturally many superstitions save been thrown out and this is commendable, but what has also hap​pened is that they have all thrown out the baby with the bath water. Some of the systems that have been abandoned had been curing sick people for thousands of years, from the time when modem medicine was still in its infancy. In spite of the drastic actions of many, it is fortunate that many alternative systems still exist today and continue their great work.

Alternative medicine is slowly coming back to life in many parts of the world today and earning a small reputation. As in all things they are being accepted because of the proof of their effectiveness. One tried and nested method is the Chinese method of acupuncture. In this method the acupuncturist uses steel, silver and gold needles - of very thin diameter - and pricks into what are known as energy spots all over the body. The energy flow is said to be blocked and the action of the needle pricks make the energy flow again and all is well. This does not sound at all logical because science knows nothing about energy spots and blocking. The system cannot be proven in any laboratory, but the amazing thing is that it...