Discuss some of the implications of new techologies for teaching and learning in universities.

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The use of new technology in the education system has greatly improved the quality of education for many students. The constantly changing world of technology means that blackboards and textbooks have been replaced with electronic libraries, interactive video and of course the Internet. Through the Internet, students have access to a wide range of valuable sources, which increases the amount of information they have to learn. The introduction of new technology into education, brought positive effects, but in addition effects which could be seen as negative to the changing world of education, which will be looked at in this essay.

It has been suggested that using computers in the learning process can implement four important concepts of learning: breaking down complex information into more manageable pieces, active reaction, feedback and self-pacing. These elements allows the student to use large amounts of information stored in computers which can be broken down, unlike obtaining many text books to understand complex concepts.

Computer-based learning allows more information to be retained through interaction, unlike reading from textbooks, which often results in the reader becoming tired, also the learner can benefit from immediate feedback which can enhance learning. Self-pacing occurs when using computers in contrast to learning in traditional systems (Woods in Vincent and Vincent, 1985).