Discuss three ways invention of the airplane revolutionized the world and people's lives in general.

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Discuss three ways invention of the airplane revolutionized the world and people's lives in general.

An airplane opened not only solution in the transportation business but this industry gave new opportunity for insert and development new technology in another industry. Research in aerodynamic sciences gave many solutions for car industry. Aviation needs are moving a discovery new prescription in metallurgy industry. Big aviation's possibilities developed of transplantation medicine. Aviation is very useful in meteorology science for weather forecast and ecology catastrophes. Only after airplane's discovery peoples resaved correct topography maps and learned even section on our planet.

The discovery of aircraft is one from of the greatest discovery of modern world, but as all discoveries, it has positive and negative sides. First of all, it is certainly made possible for great communication between people and countries, which at the same time means sheering an information and unity of different.

People more know about each other and better understand each other, but this doesn't mean they trusted to each other more.

Unfortunately, they have reason for this. Before airplane was discovered, the last global war, which could be comparable with Second World War, was war of "1812 year" with Napoleon's France. A lot of villages and cities were exploded, and many thousands of people were killed, but this was nothing in comparison with destruction and death which German's aviation did with Stalingad, Russian's aviation with Berlin, Grade British aviation with Dresden, USA's aviation with Yugoslavia.


Before we try to answer on the question, "Is aviation good or bad?" we should understand what aviation is. Aviation is only a thing. It is very useful, high technological thing, but only a thing. Aviation cannot be independent from people. We are returning to the question, "Are people good or bed?" but the...