"Discuss the uses of the nature in the navel, showing how it foreshadows or suggests what will happen and has it parallels with the boy's emotional states?"

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The uses of different nature or contrasts in nature, cause many factions of the book to work. These functions in other words can be described as messages that the author tried to create with the text; the nature contrasts enlarges the ideas and broaden their impact on the readers. The functions, more specifically can be referred as the number of ideas that the author wanted to show the readers by his text. Foreshadowing is one example of these functions, and the other one are the following; Characters, addition to the atmosphere and the setting, and the impact that the nature has on the readers.

The first very important aspect that nature enhances is the foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a style of writing, in which the author gives hints to the readers, in order to make the readers predict what is coming. A good example that can be found in the lord of the flies in on page 163, it states the following thing: "He lay in the mat of creepers while the evening...dimly

the dark earth close by..." The main word that emphasizes the nature use in this quote is the word evening, the author compares everything bad to darkness or the night time and everything which it good is referred to the day and sun. This tactic or style in which the author writes can be linked to pathetic fallacy, which is a function that is used in films. (Putting an emphasis by weather.) Going back to the quote that is found on page 163, this nature change foreshadows that something bad is going to happen. Subsequently, after the nature change Simon's death occurs.

The second function in the book that is influenced by the nature is the creating of atmosphere and the setting. The nature creates a more...