Discuss how a work of art changed the way you interpret the world: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT - DOSTOYEVSKI

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Crime and punishment; two subjects that has nothing to do with art! Someone can either say that writing about crime no one can compose a work of art. But the great writer Dostoyevski in his novel "Crime and punishment" has described crime and the stage developed in the mind of the murderer after doing the crime in that way that he essentially changed the way I interpret the world. After reading this novel with enthusiasm I changed the way I interpret a human being; from this book I learned not to adjudge people from their first appearance. The topic of the novel is: "A student kills an old lazy lady and circumstantially her sister...!

If you just read the last sentence you would think that this student is a cruel murderer. This is the interpretation that many people would do. This is the opinion that even I would have before I read this novel.

I would judge this man without any reason, without any details of the event - just from a sentence. Maybe I would be even sure that he is bad, HE IS A MURDERER.

Am I right? If you answer this question after you read the novel that would be the correct answer. This novel has something that can influence on the reader. And do you know what you will answer me! - No, you are wrong. And you will be sure about your opinion like I am sure that I was wrong. If you read this book you will see that I am making an ill-judged statement. We don't have to judge human beings just from their appearance. First we have to know more about the event, the details, and the attitudes of that particular person who made the crime. Also we have to know...