Discuss your ideas about the role and purpose of the early years specialist.

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Being an Early year's teacher is not only a career, but a vocation. For many teachers it is their life, they do not just appear in the classroom at nine each morning and finish at three in the afternoon. Hours of planning and preparation have been completed before teachers can even competently deliver the curriculum to their class. Marking, assessing and planning are only a few the tasks that need to be fulfilled by the teacher on a daily basis. Being a teacher does not only consist of providing an education, but a councillor, mentor and role model. Teachers are required to work effectively both in a team and as an individual. Their role is diverse which requires a teacher to be effective in multi tasking.

Within this assignment I will be discussing the roles and purposes of the early year's (EY) specialist. Children develop in different ways reflecting on many crucial factors, such as parent involvement, their own families, cultures, the pace in which they learn equal opportunities, special educational needs, learning and teaching styles.

Although all aspects of development are interwoven, my main focus will be on the learning environment for children, highlighting the key ideas and philosophies behind it. I will be discussing the significance of an effective learning environment and the impact this will have on a child holistically.

Lifelong learning starts at the moment we are born. The first six years of our lives are a time of unparalleled discovery. We learn about ourselves and the world around us. Our personalities take shape and we begin to lay the foundation of knowledge that will support us throughout the education system. Teachers are expected to be role-models for their students and to an extent for the community, beyond the school teachers are to set an example...