A Discussion Guide and Outline to the book "Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey

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Daughter of Time Discussion Guide

I. Characters

A. Alan Grant

-works as a police officer at Scotland Yard

-in hospital because he fell through a trap door chasing a criminal; "bed-borne" (12)

-has a broken leg

-very bored (11) received many books to read, but has no interest in them because they're all the same to him, "Authors today wrote so much to a pattern that their public expected it." (14)

-has a passion for faces (19)

-could always tell a person by their face (27)

-did not believe in a criminal face, "If there was only one kind of crime, it might be possible; but crimes being wide as human nature, if a policeman started to put faces into categories he would be sunk.(28)"

-becomes interested in a picture of Richard III, "Of all the portraits Grant had seen this afternoon this was the most individual." (29)

-could not really describe the type of person the portrait was portraying (30)

-at first, he thinks of Richard as the villain he is portrayed in history books(30)

-when looking at the picture, villainy did not come to his mind at first (33)

-all he knows at first is that Richard III is the younger brother of Edward IV (33)

-knew that he died in Bosworth and was the last Plantagenet (34)

-Grant is only interested in dreary faces (42);

B. Nurse Ingham

-"The Midget" (11)

-from Lytham St. Anne's (12)

-"...but she dealt with his six-feet-odd with an off-hand east that Grant found humiliating. Weights meant nothing, apparently, to The Midget. (12)"

-first impression of the portrait of Richard was that he had liver problems (31)

-believes that Richard killed the two princes by smothering them with pillows (41)

-she doesn't like the portrait of Richard (41)

-tells Grant that Tyrell...