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Discussion About Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Before reading the book I had some knowledge about narcissistic personality disorders from other psychology courses. The book starts with a little introduction about narcissistic personality disorders, and then gives us a little story about the Greek god narcissus, I remembered this story from elementary school and as we now know, that is why the NARCISSistic personality disorder is called that way. When I first started reading the book, I tried to remember if there is anyone who would fall into the criteria of someone who has NPD. Chapter one talks about understanding what NPD is, it is defined as "unrestrained self-love" in other words, a narcissistic person excessively pursues admiration, attention, status, understanding, support, money, power, control or perfection in some form. The book mentions that NPD individuals may show some kind of care for the other person; giving them gifts or doing them favors, but their ultimate goal is always for some kind of return.

I realized I really do not have a relationship with anyone that acts narcissistically, because I have always been someone with a lot of friends and I really don't pay attention to specifically one of them. Even if I do not feel that I have a relationship with someone who suffers NPD I tried to get in the shoes of someone who suffers one in order to understand how this book wants to help us. The book talks about how the other person in the NPD relationship feels "feelings of frustration, confusion, fear of confrontation, exhaustion, and uncertainty will emerge"; I think that being in that place and feeling that way is understandable if you have always known the person with NPD. When I read chapter 2 there was one part of the book that I think...