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He always brags about his travels to Australia, Scotland and America and he seems to fake all the dialects. I know he’s a fake, Bogus is his middle name. He started asking me questions.

-So what you up to lately, how the project working? Don’t forget the small blind, that’s yours mate!-Fuck off with that mate stuff! I know you want to be Australian but you’re most definitely not!-How’s Jil?-Jil? Oh yeah Jil, my wife. She’s noticed something about me lately. I hope she does not catch me. I lied to Matthew.

-Jil? Oh, she’s fine. As good as ever!--Good, she’s lovely although a bit naïve--Well, hello! You are still talking about my wife, Matt!--Sorry mate, didn’t think you would take it so heavy, geez!--Well she might be a bit naïve, but still I am the only one who can say that. It’s the same as saying she has nice tits.

Don’t you touch it or talk about it--Okay, okay! I’ll leave it. Well it’s your turn anyway.

-Yes I know-We played and talked some more and after a couple of pints I tried to pull the conversation into the direction of my project.

-So you’re still working on that, eh?-Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Do you disagree?--No, of course not! I would die for a project like that, but I’m not as fancy as you so the girls do not stand in line for me!--Oh, come on! You are fancy. Maybe not as good looking as me.

He laughed and asked me how many more I needed.

-You know what? I’ll bet on this game and if you win, I’ll tell you.-We played and I won. He asked for another game, double or nothing.

-Right, and what do you have to offer then?- I asked.

-Whiskey?--A whole bottle then!-He agreed and this time I let him win, he knew. I told him all about the project and how many women I needed to get to the twenty-six. I only needed four, which was quite difficult because I needed the letters U, Q, X and Z. I did not know or ever meet any girl whose names started with those letters.

-Oy, I know a girl named Quirinne, she works at the country club and I think she’s available, you should go with me once--I might do that, I mean after all, I should use my membership at least more than once-We agreed to go this Saturday and he told me all about Quirinne, what she looked like, hobbies and what drink she preferred. All very important when you want to pick up women. We joked for a bit and started making up names beginning with the U, X and Z. We came up with Uma, who is far out of my league, slays people and seems to prefer cocaine. Xena, warrior princess, lived ahead of my time we agreed and as for the Z, we came up with a Spanish Zara, or what that just a store?-Okay, and when you have finally reached that number, you quit?--Maybe, that depends on the next game. I bet twenty quid--No more whiskey, then?-