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This particular kind of discussion was very beneficial to me. It helped me see things from others' point of view. I felt that the Inner/Outer Circle discussion was the best method for the class, but most of all for me.

I felt that this discussion was better because the class encouraged others voice their opinions. Unlike our first discussion, students actually paused to let others speak. I liked this because it helped me respond better. In our class discussions, we always have a wide range of ideas and good points that are brought up. Although this discussion was better, I was a little disappointed that my questions didn't get as many responses I had expected. I suppose they were a little too odd, or either a little too difficult to understand. But on a different note, some of the responses that were made didn't really make me changed my views on anything, but I did strongly agree on most of them.

The responses that I remembered most were those of Rebecca Jackson. She stated that she thought, "Pride was the cause of vanity." I have to admit that I had never thought about that before. This statement made me see her point of view and when I understood what she had meant, I agreed with her completely. A lot the responses that she made were those that I had thought of myself; like, "Mr. Bennet thought family values were important…" and her statement about the pride of Mrs. Bennet. I also agreed with her statement, "This type of discussion lets people be open-minded about the novel," because that's the way I felt.

I feel that my grade is going to be better this time. Although I didn't learn much, I'm glad that we had this discussion. It was less stressful and made me more comfortable with asking questions and responding like I needed to.