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Table of Contents I. What Walt Disney World Represents II. What I Did and How I Learned A. Traditions and Discovery Day B. Working as a Custodial Hostess C. Working as a Cast Member D. Working as a College Program Student E. Comparing Walt Disney World To Other Theme Parks 1. Busch Gardens 2. Sea World 3. Universal Studios 4. Walt Disney World Corporation III. How This Internship Related to Illinois State University A. Marketing Management B. International Marketing IV. Which Classes Would Have Enriched My Experience A. Foreign Language Classes V. Now It?s Time To Say Good-bye . . .

VI. Appendix A. Brand Essence B. Custodial Host / Hostess Responsibilities C. Seminar Objectives D. College Program Activities D - 1. Marketing Organizational Chart D - 2. Marketing Department Seminar D - 3. Independent Studies V 1 WHAT WALT DISNEY WORLD REPRESENTS I worked in several capacities while I was down in Disney World.

I will address each of these categories as I discuss the different areas in which I gained considerable knowledge from my experience. Let me first describe the company for which I worked.

Walt Disney World is a very successful entertainment industry, but the corporation offers much more than simple entertainment in order to entice guests to make the trek from all over the world to visit the Disney Theme Parks. The Walt Disney World Corporation has a detailed brand essence, located in Appendix A, which lays out the company?s plan to provide the very best in guest service and entertainment.

I worked as a Custodial Hostess in EPCOT, a theme-park based on the discoveries of mankind. This was the most internationally minded theme park, and I was exposed to innumerable different cultures and languages - - it was a priceless experience.