The Disney Company- The Key to the Happiest Place on Earth

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The objective of the Disney Company is to be the world's leading presence in the field of information and entertainment. Disney is accomplishing this goal by employing its vast portfolio of services, consumer products, and content. The Disney Company is innovative, creative, and most of all, profitable. The company delivers the goods to consumers as well as shareholders, by establishing footholds in critical markets. These markets encompass studio entertainment, parks and resorts, media networks, and products geared to the consumer. The Disney Company strives to be number one and by the end of the 20th century, it had cleared the path to that lofty goal.

Disney: Amazing What a Mouse Can Do.

The Disney Company has modeled itself as the pinnacle of customer service oriented companies. A foundation of this accomplishment has been its creation of a dynamic, healthy, and progressive culture within its corporation. Contained in a study by Rick Johnson (1991), it was declared "…Disney has four keys in its business strategy.

These four keys are to know your audience, know the culture of your audience as well as your employees, empower your cast and deliver service of the highest quality."Employees of Disney, often referred to as 'cast members', are nurtured. As a result, the employees go the extra mile for the company and feel they are stakeholders in the success of Disney. There is a sense of pride in the work, a sense of satisfaction. Disney sees its employees as its most valuable asset. Disney has a unique organizational theory, structure and behavior, building on diversity as a cornerstone of its success.

Not wanting to be one of the edacious mega-firms that seek to dominate the market segments it has interest in, Disney has chosen to create its own unique culture. Disney is passionately zealous in its...