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The Disney Corporation began in the 1920's as a cartoon studio and is now a global corporation. Walt Disney was born in Chicago Illinois in 1901. Walt was one of 5 children, which consisted of 4 boys and 1 girl. Walt received honorary degrees from Yale, Harvard, the University of Southern California, and UCLA. As a graphic artist he created Mickey Mouse, Disney Land, and Disney World. The Disney Corporation has a commitment to produce entertainment experiences based on quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. The Disney Corporation is a leading family entertainment and media enterprises with four business segments such as media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment and consumer products.

The Disney Studio produces pictures under Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone pictures and Miramax films. Music for the soundtracks is produced at Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, and Lyric Street Records. By keeping all the production costs under the Disney umbrella it allows the company to manage the costs of creating movies much easier.

Some of the other services offered by Disney Corporation are through media networks. Media Networks consist of broadcast, radio, publishing, and Internet businesses. Some of the mainstream media includes ABC television, ESPN, and ABC owned television stations. The Disney Internet group offers services and mobile devices around the world. Currently the Disney board of director consists of 12 members and 16 members of the management team.Walt Disney Corporation has become one the largest worldwide entertainment groups ever. At Walt Disney there are plenty of activities something for everyone with the Disney Corporation, something everyone in the family can enjoy. The Parks and Recreation department have 11 theme parks, which include Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland.