Disney: Marketing Analysis

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History and Current Situation 3

Marketing Mix 4

The Macro Environmental Analysis 8

The competitive environment 12

Marketing Objectivesn 13

International Operations 17

Conclusion 20

History and Current Situation

The Walt Disney Company started off on the dreams of one man, Walt Disney. He started the Walt Disney Studios in 1926 to make animated films for children but was not satisfied with his accomplishments. As his motion pictures and television programs became successful, he felt a desire to branch out. One area that intrigued him was amusement parks. As a father, he had taken his children to carnivals and other entertainment enterprises, but he always ended up sitting out the rides while the kids had all the fun. He wanted to have an entertainment area where parents and children could both go and enjoy themselves together. This would be called "Disneyland".

Disneyland was a totally new kind of a park.

It has been used as a pattern for every amusement park built since its opening, becoming internationally famous, and attracting hundreds of millions of visitors. It gave "theme park" a whole new meaning. Walt Disney was once quoted saying "Disneyland would never be completed as long as there was imagination left in the world", this statement still holds true to date. New attractions are added regularly and Disneyland still is a popular place for kids and parents to go together, as it was in 1955.

After the success of Disneyland in California, it was natural to have sights for a bigger and better amusement park and not to mention a "full vacation experience". Disney purchased 28,000 acres near Orlando and started building what we now know as the Walt Disney World. Orlando had the space that California lacked to include Magic Kingdom theme park, EPCOT (Experimental Prototype...