Disney: Organizational Behavior

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IntroductionWalt Disney World Company provides an excellent work setting for their employees or cast members. Staff support centers are spread tactically across the theme park. Some of the services included are childcare information, postage stamps, bus passes, check cashing, staff discount programs, and money orders. The Walt Disney Company comprehends that acknowledging their employees needs keep them motivated on-the-job and dedicated to the company. The Disney Company applies organizational behavior concepts to many facets of their organization.

MotivationThe Disney Company uses many different methods to motivate their employees to provide exceptional service to their customers. The Walt Disney Company provides a wide range of benefits to their employees, including health, dental and life insurance. (Careers: Discover Opportunities to Join The Disney Team, n.d.) The Walt Disney Company provides Complimentary Theme Park Passports, Disney TEAM Discounts, including Disney products and merchandise and Employee Stock Purchase Program.

The Walt Disney Company has also thought of it employees that are seeking a higher education they offer Educational Reimbursement, Learning and Development Opportunities, The Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship Program, and Educational Matching Gifts Program.

These incentives provide encouragement for the employees and seduce them into staying faithful to the Walt Disney Company. The company also provides other sources of championing. The Credit Unions, Disney VoluntEARS, Service Awards, Personal Assistant Network, Employee & Cast Member Contests, Childcare Centers in Burbank and Orlando, and Employee Stores in Several Locations are other options that can be taken advantage of by employees and cast members. (Careers: Discover Opportunities to Join The Disney Team, n.d.)The Walt Disney Company acknowledges that their employees and cast members are responsible for making the "magic" happen on a daily basis and use the many incentives mentioned above to motivate and stimulate their employees and cast members into providing the best possible...