Disney Organizational Technology Plan

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The technology revolution of the late 1990's has changed the way organizations do business domestically and globally. The transformation of ecommerce during this time has increased the rhythm and speed of the marketplace to bring innovations to the global consumer. Corporations worldwide have felt the pressure to maintain pace to this"new" market. How organizations responded to these global demands have determined their success or failure. To keep current or ahead with technology, organizations must effectively plan for and evaluate present and future trends. One company that has done so is Walt Disney Company, the famed children's entertainment corporation and global enterprise.

Company HistoryThe Disney Company was started from a partnership of two brothers, Walt and Roy Disney, on October 16, 1923. This was originally known as "Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio", which later became the recognized brand name as "Walt Disney Studio." In November 1928, Disney created one of the first memorable created films made with sound was the Mickey Mouse cartoon call "Steamboat Willie."

This was the introduction of famous Mickey Mouse to adults and children all over the place. This newly created character immediately became very well-liked and recognized. Disney was growing many times over with their film success, and with related brand merchandise. About 20 years later, Disney created their first live film called Treasure Island. (Disney, 2009)Disney was having success in both film and television, the thought of getting bigger and reaching new markets was considered. Disney was always looking for something new to do. The one area that fascinated Walt Disney was amusement parks; however, he wanted to create an amusement park that both the parents and their children could have a fantastic time. This is how Disneyland, located in California, came about and opened on July 17, 1955. On December 15, 1966, Walt...