Disney's Core Strengths

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When Walt Disney imagined how Disneyland would come about, he had the vision of bringing his main character Mickey Mouse, to life. With the success of Disney's animations, most would have been content with their level of accomplishment. Disney, however, did not settle and wanted to find other ways to bring Mickey Mouse to life and off of the paper. In 1955, Disney was the first vacation attraction of its kind. Disney was in competition with attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and the Ocean. Family friendly destinations were primarily landmarks and parks, thus making Disney a different type of attraction.

Disney Corporation



- Excellent Brand name

- Ability to be innovative

- Financially stable company

- Making people happy

- Ability to handle large crowds


- Parks can be over populated creating disgruntled customers

- Upper management had made some poor "short term" decisions"

- Research team can be sloppy


- Entertainment and Theme parks are one of a kind

- Ability to customize and act quickly to situations and demands

Wealth to sustain and support charitable organizations


- Competition in animations technology

- Saturated market of entertainment and vacation resorts

- Media attacks to such a large Co.

#1 Bringing Magic to Life

When evaluating Disney's SWOT Analysis the one strength that stands out is the ability to make people happy. From 1955 Disney to 2006 Disney, it is obvious that Disney is proud of their ability to make people smile and they are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Disney spends a significant amount of their budget supporting innovation and investing in "Imagineers". Imagineers are groups of engineers and innovators that design new rides, shows and multiple processes. Imagineers are known for ignoring what many...