Disney Trip Report (Tahir & Hiba's Disney Adventure)

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Tahir & Hiba's Disney Adventure By Tahir Mehmood

Tuesday, May 15, 2005

Day 1

"What time is it?" I asked. "3:30 AM" was the reply. "And people are really up at this hour?" "That's what I hear." And thus began our 6 day adventure. There was no sleep to be had the night before as anticipation had taken hold of me and I was scared that if I did fall asleep, I'd sleep through the alarm.

Our flight to Orlando, by way of Atlanta was to leave at 5:30 AM. Early, yes, but it was the quickest way to get to Disney World, so I bit the bullet and figured that endorphins would prove more powerful than a lack of sleep.

I'd wanted to return to Disney since my last trip in 2002, but I had nobody to go with. I was actually thinking of going by myself sometime this year if I couldn't convince someone that it was a lot of fun.

Fortunately, I had met this wonderful woman about a year ago. We've been dating pretty serious-like for about 8 months, and I decided that Walt Disney World would be the perfect place to ask her to marry me. I had several scenarios planned out in my head, but I ended up asking her in a little less than spectacular fashion... But I'm getting way ahead of myself. More of that to come later...

I'd taken my roommate to the airport several times over the past several months, so I took great pleasure in waking her up at 4:30 AM to take Hiba and I to the airport. It's very nice to be able to drive around the streets of San Antonio with nobody else on the road. The 10-mile trip that would normally take 40 minutes during...