Dispersion of the Jews: Are the Jews a rootless group of people?

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The Dispersion of Jews.

Through out history, lots of rulers and nations have oppressed their Jewish

population, by trying to massacre them. They have tried to eliminate them by expelling

them from the land or by plain old genocide. Jews were constantly expelled from

everywhere they went. They were even expelled from their homeland and where ever it

was they went to live. The Jewish dispersion started under the Roman Empire, the Jews

were scattered in different lands and they started to reside wherever they saw fit. The

Jews were seen in countries like Babylonia, Poland and Spain. Later, they were mostly

seen in Europe, this was during the middle ages and the enlightenment period. A lot of

Jews lived in eastern Europe, but they were severely persecuted, this persecution resulted

in a lot of them migrating to western Europe, especially France, because they were given

free citizenship, and were basically more accepted.

At this point in time, Jews didn't

have a place to call their home, because they had exiled so many lands and couldn't go to

a certain place called land of Jews. This shows the extent to which Jews were persecuted.

Over history, Jews have been called either Russian Jews, or German Jews, or whatever

country they fled to. This makes it hard for most people to know if the Jews have a root,

from which they come from or not.

I personally want to believe that Jews have a root from which they come from.

Their original homeland is Israel. During the middle ages, it is understandable, if it might

have seemed otherwise, because of all the exiles, but the Jews originally would have

come from somewhere. They had their own land, before prejudiced and racist people

decided to oppress them. "The...