A Distorted View: How Anorexica View Themselves

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Anorexia is the persistant refusal to eat, accompaied by an irrational fear of being fat. many people think that anorexia can only affect women, but in actuality, it can affect men as well.

The cause or underlying issues are different from every disordered person. It is often a tramuatic event that has happened in there life, possibly years before the disorder had occured.

There are two types of treatments available for anorexia. Hospitalization and psychological treatment are the two treatments used.

There are many sources of help available to people with anorexia such as school counselors, help lines, therapy, and onlne help. Taking the time to get help is the first step in getting your life back on track and also it gives you a better way to cope with stressful situation in your life.