How distructive could a human ignorance be?

Essay by doublespeak January 2004

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Human Ignorance

This unforgettable night occurred on May 16 of last year, as usual I went to bed around 10pm but during the night I was suddenly awoken by sounds of sirens ringing and people screaming and shouting from outside. Opening my eyes I see seeping through my window blinds a bright red and orange light illuminating my entire bedroom. Getting out of bed I quickly open my window blinds to see the sky lit by yellow and orange lights and billows of black smoldering smoke coming from the left side of our street. Not being able to see clearly what was happening out side I ran out of the room feeling my heart beat suddenly quickening rapidly and wiping my now very sweaty and wet palms down the side of my robe and praying to god that what ever was happening outside was not close to the house. By then rest of my family were up we quickly slipped on whatever clothing we could find and ran out the front door to see what all the commotion was about.

It was the most terrifying scene I have ever seen, walking slowly down the road towards the fire with my legs feeling extremely weak by now, I watched this huge inferno of flames consume the newly built condominiums across the road from our house. Walking in daze of shock and disbelief I joined the rest of my family and neighbors who were also awakened by the noise to get a closer look. We saw this mass of activity happening. There were several fire trucks, some already set up trying to fight to control this raging inferno and other fire trucks were still arriving quickly blocking the entire street. There were police and ambulance cars everywhere we looked, there were sirens...