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Companies worldwide are training employees to work in a diverse workforce and on organization behavior to assist employees to understand diverse behaviors. The global competitive market is growing rapidly, and companies are focusing their business strategies on merging their organization into this growing market to stay competitive in the business world. Cost and time efficiency for companies that merge together with new technologies, culture, race, age, and gender requires building these diversities by implementing educational programs. For example, one tool that has been implemented into many companies is Blended Learning which includes assessments for development of new technologies, teaching specific contents of topics, and computer-base simulations. Blended Learning key principles Include: Emphasis on the learning experience, not the technology itself in the workplace. Learning creates a social environment. Traditional classroom learning will continue to be important to create interactive processes between participants. The goals are to generate the exchange of diverse knowledge and innovations, exercise multiple approaches to deliver technology and how to interact in a diverse workforce.

Experienced adults bring hands-on knowledge to the classroom and the online environment, (Wikipedia, 2001).

Diversity of age has a different viewpoint as an employer, employee, and a customer. More than 70 per cent of employers acknowledge that companies fail without an age-diverse workforce. Two-thirds of employees under the age of 25 believe that they are more innovative than older people are; however, 66 per cent of employers view young workers as inexperienced and customers does not have the same sense of security in them as they do with the more experienced workforce, (Personnel Today, 2004). The older generation is stereotyped as grumpy and non-productive, and do not adapt to new innovations and technologies. The young are stereotyped as inexperienced and only to have book knowledge. They have a hard time learning the...