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Diversity The following quote by Janet Jackson greatly emphasizes the need for acceptance and diversity: "In total darkness we are all the same, only our knowledge separates us. Don't let your eyes deceive you." This quote is explicit because it portrays the potency of diversity. Diversity can literally be defined as the quality or state of having different forms or types. However, this definition is only one-dimensional. In order to open our neurological depths to the complexities of a diverse nature, one must look at a multitude of domains.

To start off, let us ponder the mysteries of the universe. If one truly believes that there is a higher being, then one must comprehend that everything on this earth is put on this earth for an objective. This is a strong philosophical query that can be attributed to implications of Sigmund Freud's theory of psychoanalysis. By tapping into the id or primitive function of the human subconscious, one can see how a higher being and diversity can blend with our underlying rationale.

Next let us commence the workplace. In the workplace the augmenting totality of diverse workforces can elucidate the diminishing ratios between races and genders. Enforced in NY is the Affirmative Action Bill, which is designed with "training wheels" in mind. The State believes that in order to diversify our workforce and to have the effects of a diverse workforce trickle down the social/economical waterfall, the State must force NY business to meet a certain quota in which to blend the workforce. According to the bill, once the workforce is seen as diversified, it will "remove the training wheels" and no longer enforce affirmative action.

Subsequently, we shall briefly gape at microeconomics as a collective sphere of diversified exigency. It is a standard rule of thumb that the...