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Diversity and Being Competent in it


Rena Battles-Singleton

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology



The term diversity has many different definitions. In psychology it is very important to understand that every human is an individual and they are different. In our class alone there are many different people with different family traditions and origins. The idea of diversity is acceptance and respect. We need to be respectful of each other's differences and opinions. We need to treat others how we want to be treated. As psychologist we need to understand that the world has changed and we are living in a melting pot of different people, different family traditions and beliefs. We study diversity in psychology so that we may understand the uniqueness and individuality each person encompasses.

Diversity is a very important not only in the study of psychology, but in our society also. The sociological definition of society is a group of people who relate to each other through constant social relations such as class, status, race, origin of sex and religion.

It is important as psychologist that we take all of this into consideration when dealing with an individual. For example creation theories, each religion has their own way of looking at how the world was created or the gods they worship. Even the theory behind human evolutions plays an important part in the diversity individuals have. One may feel that god created us and another may feel that we evolved from primates. As a psychologist it is our ethical duty to not judge anyone based on something like that and to remember that everyone is different.

Kitchener (1984) identified some ethical principles that tie into diversity for all; autonomy: respecting one dignity and self, nonmaleficence: do no harm, beneficence: duty to be...