Diversity Action Plan Due to future trends in population growth, it will be more important than ever for organizations to prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity.

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Diversity issues relate to race, gender, age, disabilities, religion, job title, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality, multiculturalism, competency, training, experience, and personal habits. Diversity in the workplace is the norm and most employers embrace this trend and encourage the trend.. Most companies are developing effective ways to enhance working relationships with diverse people at work because each company have realized that diversity adds a special richness, but can also come with special challenges. General Electric (GE) is one of those companies whose workplace consists of a diverse environment. One way that GE has embraced diversity is by offshore outsourcing. According to a CBS news story (2004),"GE was among the first American companies to set up business processing outsourcing operations in India, taking advantage of the large pool of English-speaking workers ready to work for low wages and tech-savvy entrepreneurs in the South Asian nation." Many companies have since followed GE's lead and have moved parts of their operations from the U.S.

to India and other countries.

Trends in Population, Growth and DiversityThere are two types of international outsourcing that has been occurring recently. There is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the Information Technology outsourcing (IT). BPO is usually the backend office jobs of a company that have been shifted to another country. General Electric (GE) did this in 1997 when they setup a subsidiary, GE Capital International Services to do accounting, insurance claims processing, supply chain and IT management in India (The Economist, 2004). IT outsourcing is a much smaller setup where the company is setup to deal with the task of managing information systems. The growing complexity and rising costs in the IT sector was a reason why the companies began to setup in the Asian market (The Economist, 2004). IBM is one of the many large corporations...