Diversity in the Media

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"Diversity is the presence of a wide range of variation in the qualities or attributes under discussion"(wikipedia.com, n.d.). With the discussion of diversity in the media, people tend to see or not see the different variations of stereotypes that the media portrays. Depending on a person's race, sex, religion, etc. they tend to see the differences in how diverse the media can really be. People have a hard time getting past the words and looking into the real meaning of what someone might be saying or portraying. Some people tend to look at what one might say as being a negative portrayal of a certain group; whereas, the person saying it may have a totally different meaning to their portrayal of a certain group. Diversity is a very important part in today's society and people need to take into hand that there is not just one race, sex, religion, etc.

and that there are many different people out in the world that may be offended by many different things. In "Diversity in the Media: Why it Matters" the author Dori Maynard talks about how a newsroom, of all places, needs to understand diversity and be able to portray diversity in many different ways so the whole world will understand it.

The article did an excellent job addressing the diversity represented in the American landscape by focusing on American newsrooms. It gave great insight on how a newsroom needs to be able to understand diversity and be able to use their understanding in their articles to keep the stories correct and not on a biased level. "Good journalists should be able to tackle any assignment, whether it is covering their own community or covering a community with which they have had little or no personal contact"(Maynard, D.J., 2006). The...