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Diversity and Competitive Advantage

Pérez, Andrés

Regis University

MBAC602 Developing Effective Organizations

Professor J.M. Gallego

Julio 7, 2014

Diversity and Competitive Advantage

Diversity is about respect for the individual and what a company is doing to meet certain requirements to retain that employee, through training, matching true skills, breaking languages barriers and developing workforce, to work for a common goal. Metal Sales Manufacturing has a very diverse workforce but not equally dispersed and not equally trained, the personnel in the office is about 90% female employees, while in the production plant is 100% males. The feeling of going back in time where only males could do the physical work is a daily feeling and reality, nowadays every single job within the shop floor demands physical strength, the lack of new technology and the likelihood of getting it is really low, it makes it then, really difficult as far as gender think that a woman will ever work in the shop floor, that diversity is not going to happen, wrong way of seeing things.

"Simply put, women and people of color make boards better -- and that makes companies better, and stronger. They perform better, and provide better returns over the long term" Denise L. Napier (Huffington Post Blog, June 06/14)

Does the Organization's Diversity Strategy Align with its Mission and Vision?

The mission/vision statement of the company, "We are committed to manufacturing the best products and providing the finest service in the industry"; it's not aligned with the diversity strategy plan of the organization. The current employees have a vague idea on how the product will be utilized in the real world, part of the diversity strategy plan of the company, has focused in working only in the language barriers, leaving on the side the level of education of...