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Diversity is what constitutes for the success of the world today. The world as we know it today would be very boring and dull without diversity. We would not have second opinions or second guesses without it. We also would not have different views or different ways of thinking. Diversity creates an avenue for human beings to express their opinions and be acknowledged by others who would have never thought about it in the first place. I believe four of the major factors that cause diversity are ethnicity, age, gender, and religion. These factors have some effect on the course of decisions made by man. I will be looking into each of these factors and why they have such an impact on individual behavior.

EthnicityIn the past ethnicity meant nothing to the human race. Today, ethnicity is a major role in society and impacts our individual behavior in many ways.

Not only does the culture in the ethnic group effect the way a child will develop, the media and society also will affect how the child will be treated. This can be either a positive or negative behavior. The largest way ethnicity effects individual behavior is childhood. Every race has their own customs and traditions, so when a child is raised with these experiences and values, that is the behavioral characteristics that they will have as an adult. This culture makes them act in a certain way, and that is how ethnicity impacts individual behavior.

"Whether or not individuals in minority ethnic or "racial" groups prominently emphasize their ethnic symbols may vary with the situation. They may not emphasize them if they are trying to identify with or join the dominant culture in their society. That is to say, they may de-emphasize the things that make them different if...