Diversity in the workforce

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Managing workforce diversity is becoming increasingly important for companies today. The challenge for managers is being able to create an environment where employees are able to develop and experience personal growth while contributing to the company's organizational goals. Company's with the help of their management team want to be able train and develop the best talent using employees with different backgrounds and skill sets, with that comes people of different races, color, men and women. This has to be done in a fashion so that employees don't feel like they are being stereotyped or just put in a role to fill a quota.

Managing diversity requires managers to be able to adapt to their surroundings and to create an environment where any new or existing employee can comfortably and confidently do the same. Managing workforce diversity is an important business strategy because it can help company's gain a competitive advantage.

Having people with different or similar backgrounds brings people with different skill sets and abilities. In business's where there is face to face contact, customers prefer to deal with representatives of the company from the same culture. This creates some trust and for those with language barriers puts them at ease and therefore allows them to be able to do business with someone they feel they can trust and relate to. I have been in situation where I prefer to deal with someone with a similar background to myself because I feel like they could relate to me. But on the other hand I have been in situations where I would prefer to deal with someone who is the absolute opposite simply because I feel they may have my best interest at heart.

To manage diversity, you need to be able to set goals for the employees through training and...