Diversity in the Workplace

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The only way you'll stay ahead of the rapid changes in the business environment is to demonstrate your commitment to diversity. Becoming competitive goes beyond capturing and holding market share. It also means working with the best suppliers and attracting and retaining the best employees. Having a broad range of diversity in the workplace allows new and innovative ideas and plans. The quality of the diversity will directly influence the innovations and flexibility any company develops. So surrounding oneself with a workforce that executes at a level of excellence that ensures you can compete, and capture the opportunities you identify.

Think about all the new and upcoming companies in the business place. Each of these companies hire people for their academic and professional background. Each and every person applying for a position within the company is extensively interview. Yet some of these people will not get hired for their diversity.

Imagine yourself in your job at a specific company. Would you consider yourself working in a diverse workplace? About five decades ago the answer to this question would have been no, but in today's society yes, is becoming a more common reply. "Diversity management is predicted to be one of the most significant organizational issues of the coming decades" (Soni, 2000, p. 395). This means that more and more businesses are realizing the importance of learning how to achieve and manage diverse workforces. This requires a business to take certain precautions into consideration. For example: why should we begin to consider this as an issue in the business world, what do we consider to be a diverse workforce, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and how do we achieve it?

Before we can Asses the importance of diversity in the workplace, we must ask one question. "What does the...