Diversity in the Workplace

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In the ever expanding business world, it is imperative for companies to provide a workforce as diverse as the customers they serve. Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express is no exception. Working with new customers on a daily basis can be a challenge, even when the same language is spoken. Automotive customers often think of shop talk as a foreign language and things must be explained in a manner that each customer understands on an individual basis. Many sales are based on educating the customer. When a difference of languages being spoken arises, this challenge can become more than just a lost sale. When safety issues arise regarding a customer's vehicle, it is Wal-Mart's responsibility to inform the customer. Doing so properly requires adequate translation, without which could cause serious injury not only to the customer, but other travelers on the roads.

When the new SuperCenter was opened in Rantoul, IL, replacing a 20 year old original store, managers should have realized the need for bilingual employees.

Although the population of Rantoul is only about 12 thousand and has shown a decline in the past 18 years, (CLRSearch.com, 2008), several languages are prevalent throughout the community, including Latino and Asian dialects. "Of the more than 28 million Spanish speaking people in the United States, 5.1 million do not speak English well and nearly 3 million do not speak English at all " (Roberts, 2006 , para.10). The new SuperCenter also serves a large amount in interstate travelers, adding to the need of a diverse language base within the store. This need was made evident to upper management when several complaints were made regarding services received through the Tire and Lube Express. The service writer's responsibilities include greeting customers, gathering information regarding name and vehicle, assessing the vehicle for obvious needs...