Divine Status - The accomplishments of Michelangelo and why he is truly one of the greatest artists of all time.

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The accomplishments of Michelangelo and why he is truly one of the greatest artists of all time good attention to detail and argument

Eng. 102

Mark Hodgkins

Spring 1997

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Divine Status

Imagine you are in a museum and you notice a sizable crowd around a corner

across the room. In bewilderment, you walk over and begin to make way amidst the

people. As you shuffle closer to the center of attention, you become aware they are

admiring a statue, a very large statue, towering above the thickness of the crowd. Still

unsatisfied and unable to recognize the work of art, you impatiently proceed toward the

front. You finally approach a rope enclosing the base of the sculpture. A colossal figure

of fourteen feet stands before you. It immediately absorbs all of your attention. Your

hands fall from your hips, your jaw drops open, and your head tilts back as your eyes inch

their way to the top.

The background seems to turn black and the crowd fades into the

distance while your full attention is devoted to it, or rather to him. You are overtaken by

curiosity and you want to gently glide your fingers over its fleshy surface to make sure it is

really carved of stone. Indeed it is. It is the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the greatest

artist who ever lived.

He was a sculptor, painter, poet, architect and engineer. His work defined the

High Renassance Era and superceded any work produced during the sixteenth century.

His awesomely painted figures in the Sistine Chapel and many architectural designs and

sculptures influenced many creators for three hundred years following his death.

Michelangelo began creating at a very early age. By the time he was sixteen he

had already produced two relief sculptures. By age twenty-five...