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Michal Mendyka Guidance Office Mrs. Smith 25 March 2002 Benefits Society has portrayed service as a job that requires something in return, a common thought of services is that "nothing is ever free". Over the course of history economic foundation has been based upon the trade of a good or service for another form of a good or service until satisfaction is achieved. This has been an untold principle through the lives of people that progress continuously moving along this economic cycle. My family has attempted to achieve a higher standard of living because our country of origin remains in a state of devastating poverty. Originating from such a point of welfare gives me the ability to understand the functions of people when integrated with their financial decisions. When commencing my community service projects the sole purpose in doing them was the hope to grow in the economic cycle and thereby helping my family financially.

Community service has provided me with higher opportunities and possibilities than students not participating in any service projects. This advantage is told through student bodies because those with service will be sought with distinction than individuals without community involvement. This gain in opportunity is the sole reason why I began my community service in Canada but it has interestingly changed to reasoning beyond personal gain. My hours of service have been relatively split between projects in Canada and the United States. Both places have proven more than means of better opportunity, they have become ways of understanding, a duty where the task is meaningless in obligation according to the economic cycle of services.

This understanding was not an immediate revelation and took time with my progressive activities. The services I undertook where at first suggestive by fellow peers and involved simple restoration of roads and...