Division and Classification Essay of the Stages of Growing Up

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From the date of childbirth and lying in the hospital bed while a mother gently cradles a baby in her arms, to the day a person may find himself lying six feet under; there has become an apparent process which every human must proceed through in order to truly and fully grow up. This process may be called the stages of life, and there are three major steps that an individual must overcome: childhood, college, and having a family.

For a kid, having a parent or guardian is like having a shadow cast over him, being influenced and restricted in the manner of which he lives. Until the shadow is lifted and a child is no longer pressed down by the parents' rules, the stage may be classified as part of the childhood. Granted, teenagers are not typically labeled as children-being that they defy and revolutionize the rules of society- but because there is still that limitation, they may not proceed into the next stage of life.

Childhood is not a stage to be rushed through like a NASCAR race; it must be enjoyed, cherished, and squeezed for everything that it is worth.

Personally, childhood has been a roller coaster ride of experiences, emotions, and friends. During a majority of years in the childhood stage, life seemed to be on the front car of the coaster, moving up the chain and causing my breath to be taken away. For starters, some of the most memorable vacations took place during these years: London, San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago, and Manhattan are but a few of the many cities and locations I have traveled through during the summer months. Along the lines of school work, I achieved phenomenal grades and my parents couldn't be any more pleased. The social scene, however, was...