Divorce and the aftermath

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In today's society the numbers of divorced families are rapidly increasing. Couples are becoming married at younger ages and their marriage usually ends with divorce rather quickly. The causes of divorce are numerous and the effects often last a lifetime.

Some major causes of divorce are lack of communication, change in feelings for one another, and committing adultery. When problems occur within the family, the persons do not talk about the problems and instead hold in their thoughts and feelings, thus causing communication problems throughout the entire family. A change in feelings for one another, such as falling out of love, also causes divorce. When one loses the love they once had for the other, they are no longer happy and arguments occur more often. Being unfaithful, also known as adultery, is probably the leading cause of divorce. When one is unfaithful it causes problems and arguments more often than the above mentioned.

Unfaithfulness not only causes arguments but also causes broken hearts and hurt feelings which will eventually lead to divorce.

One major effect of divorce is the negative influence on the children. When parents divorce, the children become depressed and anger builds up. The children also begin to fail classes in school because of their depression from their parents divorce. The children are also bounced between two separate households and have no stable living situations. The father and mother have different sets of rules and the children have to learn which rules apply to which parents house thus causing more confusion and anger.

Another effect of divorce is the change in lifestyle for either person involved. Each person has to adjust his or her spending habits to compensate for the single income. They now have to pay all the bills alone with just one income. Also, they no...