Divorce: A Major Issue

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"Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier."

Is marriage no more than the result of voluntary agreements between two private individuals? Is the lack of detail concerning marriage arrangements causing all the divorce debates? Does divorce cause problems or solve them? Why is marriage such a religious experience and divorce such a legal experience? Why do marriages take place under the eyes of God while divorces take place under the eyes of the law?

There are so many questions concerning marriage and divorce, but not enough answers.

What is divorce? Is divorce separation from parents, or is it also divorce from your children? People think divorce is separation between adults but children play a major role in divorce as well. What happens to them? How do they overcome it? The reason why people keep divorcing today is probably because they think it's the thing to do, or maybe because their parents divorced when they were little, and so on and so forth.

Being married is one of the most important things we'll do, along with developing and establishing a family. It's also one of the least prepared things we ever get to do. Most of us aren't really prepared to be a spouse and eventually a parent. I think it's important that anyone, be it that they are young or old, getting married, prepare and understand their roles and responsibilities. And more importantly should know why it is that they get married.

Our generation sees divorce as the first resort, not the last. At one point in time, a married couple having problems in their marriage would choose to stay together for no other reason than because it might "hurt the children." Today, children are insignificant and are often dealt with like any other asset in...