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Advertising and Marketing Psychology

Djarum Super advertising analysis


Student Name : Ertika Nanda

Master student of Communication studies

Introduction of the Product

Figure 2

Djarum Super Cigarette

Figure 1: Djarum Super packaging

Almost as important to the manufacture of cigarettes, Djarum also awares the importance of the packaging design.

The dominance of red and black in packs of Djarum Super and sporty masculine characteristics represent masculinity. Whereas the accent color of gold symbolizes premium quality cigarettes Djarum Super. Similarly, bold font on the writing Djarum Super was chosen to reinforce the image of your masculine and sporty.

All characters Djarum Super are communicated consistently over the years in line with the communications strategy. Theme adventurous, young, and modern becomes the core character of Djarum Super communication strategies in a variety of media.

I choose cigarette particularly Djarum Super because of the uniqueness advertising mechanism. In many countries particularly Indonesia, its marketing and commercial are limited by a set of rules. However, this limitation has made ad workers think more creatively. They made careful plans to circumvent regulation well in advance. Instead of showing the image of cigarette or a smoking person, it...