DNA and Proteins

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Over the years research has revealed that the use of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and proteins can be monitored through the progress of evolution. This monitoring can be achieved by the use of evolutionary tape measures. In order to get a better understanding of how this process will work the team will take a look at the main concepts of this process. The team will also delve into the importance of each concept and how these concepts can be applied in an industry. The team will also discuss these concepts and how they affect real-life by providing examples and the important role these concepts play. Finally the team will look at the relationship of the real-life examples and compare them against other biological concepts.

Main Concepts to DNA and Proteins as Evolutionary Tape MeasuresDNA and proteins document the hereditary background of an organism (Campbell, et al, 2007). Since the DNA molecules are passed from parent to offspring they can be used to help determine the sequence of proteins in the offspring.

This same sequence can be extended to develop the molecular genealogy between species (Campbell, et al, 2007).

Two main functions are provided by the DNA of an organism. The first function allows for growth and development of the organism by providing protein synthesis. The second function is to replicate itself and provide offspring with copies which gives all descendants its own protein-synthesizing information.

Importance of Each Concept and How the Concepts are Applied to an IndustryThe concepts mentioned above are important when trying to understand how organisms have evolved. By deciphering the role of DNA and proteins, geneticists can get a better understanding of how organisms have changed over time and have adjusted to changes in their environments. By using genetic research scientists are also able to predict the probability...