Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the problems it brings in its wake? Critically analyse

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Tourism in LEDC's

"Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the problems it brings in its wake?

Discuss with reference to LEDC's."

Less developed countries around the world, struggle to develop and keep up with more developed countries. In order to fast track their way through the development process, LEDC's see tourism as a quick get-out clause. However, whilst foreign money can cause the improvement of infrastructure, there are many problems that tourism brings in its wake, as Issa G. Shivji said: "Where in the 'Third World' has tourism brought development?"

Between the years of 1950 and 1980, the number of international tourists increased from 225 million to 285 million. Magabogunje said: "In many countries, although a minority of the population seems to have prospered beyond belief, the miserable conditions in which the majority lives, seem to have persisted and in many cases to have worsened." Some countries try to develop tourism in order to develop the country in general, so that the gap between them and richer countries becomes narrower, however, this has in some cases, actually widened.

Tourism can generate many benefits, such as employment and income, as well as infrastructure improvement. In some countries, tourism can be important as it may provide a way to maintain a level of economic activity sufficient to prevent migration of people from underdeveloped regions to more developed areas. This can be seen in Indonesia, where many people have migrated from the islands, such as Sumatra, whereas the development of tourism on Bali, has meant people have not migrated to Java and Jakarta.

Although tourism can bring employment to the local community, these jobs tend to be the cheap labour, low-skilled jobs, such as cleaners and bar men. The higher-ranked jobs, such as hotel manager, often go to foreigners from...