How do both humans and rose bushes exhibit common characteristics of life?

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Uniquely living organisms are separated from inanimate objects by a set of characteristics. If all of these characteristics are present, you will have found a unique living organism. When a closer look is taken most people are surprised by the relationship that is present in all living organisms. If you use the same set of characteristics that a biologist would use you will be able to se the same common characteristics between a rose bush and a human.

One of the similar characteristics are the organism must be a highly organized complex entity. This is anything that is living. Think about how complex the human body is. The organism must be composed of one or more cells that contain a blueprint of their characteristics and must also acquire and use energy. Both of which are found in both humans and in rose bushes. Uniquely living organisms must also be able to carry out and control numerous chemical reactions, grow in size and must be able to change in appearance and ability.

Some of the other traits that all living organisms share are the ability to maintain a fairly constant internal environment, produce offspring similar to them, respond to changes in the environment and they may evolve into new types of organisms.

When all of the characteristics of a living organism are written down it is easy to see the similarities. One of the characteristics that may not seem so easy to distinguish is the organism must contain a blueprint of their characteristics. This is present in both humans and rose bushes. This is how different types and colors of roses are able to be grown. All living organisms must have the ability to acquire and use energy. The roses do this with...