Do Campaigns Matter?

Essay by rexrodej March 2006

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In America today, campaigns, and all the work that is behind them, is the most important factor for election. Campaigning should consist of raising money from constituents. This money raised should go to gaining mass public exposure. This consists of getting their name and values out. Polls are also a influential factor in campaigning. They are conducted at strategic points in campaigns. There results often influence voters to think and decide in one direction. The candidate is influenced by being able to tell if he/she is doing well, if not, they can produce more effort to gain more public approval. Good campaigning methods are debatable and subject to the time, but fairness and honesty should be a key issue. Politics are always involved, and this influences all. Overall a good campaigning effort, which just consists of telling the voting public what they want to hear, will give a candidate a much better chance of election.

Senator John Kerry's Campaigning efforts:

Prior to the debates, Kerry's campaign for presidency has seemed to focus mainly on the bad qualities of President Bush. His efforts toward per swaying the public to follow him rely on the assumption that the majority of people can be made to see the bad decisions that the President has made. This, prior to the debates, could be an assumption that was made in vain. I think that in the first debate, Kerry made it clear that he strongly believes the country has been misled. I believe he balanced his attacks at Bush's administration and his actual plans for change very well. His campaign is also strong in the sense that his opinions and values about domestic issues and foreign affairs are both made very clear. The first debate was handled well by Kerry and it was...