How do different types of journeys provide opportunities for people to extend and challenge themselves physically, emotionally and intellectually?

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The types of journey we go through include physical and inner journeys. Physical journey involves the obstacles that we go through and the movement to new places. These obstacles and challenges will lead us into our inner journeys, which involves the exploration of ourselves as we get matured by learning from our experiences.

In "China Coin" by Allan Baillie, Leah Waters undergoes physical journey when traveling from Australia to China. Her journey in China involves going to cities and outskirts of China. In the plane, she refused to accept her mum and it can be seen as she calls her mother 'Joan' instead of 'mum'. This happens as she cannot accept the fact that she is an 'Australian-Born-Chinese'. However, her perspective changed during her stay in Good Field Village when she overheard that Grandfather wanted them to stay so that Joan can pay for the extension of the house.

Thus, both mother and daughter came together to find an excuse to leave the village. 'Both mother and daughter stopped and grinned at each other for the first time in months' when they succeeded. This challenge changed Leah's perspective and slowly, she began to accept her mother.

In "Box The Pony" by Scott Rankin and Leah Purcell, Steff can be seen to have undergone physical and inner journeys since she was a child. She did not have a good childhood and constantly accompanied her mother, Flo to the pub although she was tired and hungry. Due to poverty, she worked in a slaughter house when she grew up and all this while, she had wanted freedom. However, she realized that 'there is no way out' and she cannot escape from her situation where girls are treated as gin jockeys and from poverty. She tried to commit suicide by...